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Dr Mark Walker

Bioenergy Engineering Researcher
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Dr Mark Walker MEng, PhD

Energy Engineering Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Sheffield

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Dr Mark Walker

Welcome to my website! Here you can find information about my current research activity, as well as a list of all of my previous research output and contributions. Take a look at my blog for recent updates and see the individual project pages for more detail about my work.


I graduated with a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Durham in 2004 and went on to complete my PhD with the Bioenergy and Organic Resources Research Group (BORRG) at the University of Southampton in 2009 working on the application of mesh/membrane bio-reactors to the anaerobic digestion (AD) of biodegradable municipal wastes. Following this I contributed to a variety research projects as a research fellow at the Universities of Southampton, Leeds and Sheffield, with my work continuing to focus on AD and biogas production from biomass and organic wastes.

See my page on the University of Sheffield Mechanical Engineering website here.

Current Research

I am currently working as a research associate in the Energy Engineering Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, and am closely associated with the Energy 2050 initiative. Here at Sheffield I am looking to develop my own personal biogas research further and also to supervise PhD and masters students. My current projects can be found in the main site menu but my research interests covers a wider variety of topics through my collaborations with, and supervision of, the growing group of AD researchers within the Energy Engineering Group. These include a mixture of modelling and experimental work;

  • Integration of AD into micro-grids for rural electrification
  • Assessment of Micro-AD systems for localised urban waste management
  • Parameter estimation methods for AD models using experimental data
  • Optimisation and control of AD processes using a model based approach
  • Development of feeding strategies for low-tech AD systems in developing countries
  • The effect of biomass pre-treatment and particle size on the AD process
  • Biochemical kinetics and transient operation of AD systems

For a list of current PhD opportunities to work with me at the University of Sheffield


Funding Success!

Recently the AD group (part of the larger Energy Engineering Group) have been awarded funding from Innovate UK/BBSRC/EPSRC through the Industrial Biotechnology call (early-stage translation stream). The project is called "Biomethanisation of CO2 in anaerobic digestion...

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Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Check back here for updates on my research and other activities. Also have a look at some guys working at my building with an even cooler job than me (window cleaners)! (Arts Tower - University of...

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Food Waste
Modelling with Homer Energy
BioGas Gasometers

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Nock, W. J., Walker, M., Kapoor, R. and Heaven, S. (2014). “Modelling the Water Scrubbing Process and Energy Requirements for CO2 Capture to Upgrade Biogas to Biomethane”. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.53(32), 12783-12792

Walker, M., Iyer, K., Heaven, S. and Banks, C. J. (2011). “Ammonia removal in anaerobic digestion by biogas stripping: An evaluation of process alternatives using a first order rate model based on experimental findings”. Chemical Engineering Journal. 178(15), 138-145

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Walker, M., Ma, L. and Pourkashanian, M. “Optimisation of a gas-mixed anaerobic digester using a combined CFD and biochemical kinetic modelling approach”. International Conference on Advances in Energy Research, IITB, Mumbai, India. (Presentation + paper)

Poggio, D., Walker, M., Nimmo, W., & Pourkashanian, M. (2013). “Estimation of the kinetic model parameters of anaerobic digestion of waste materials using semi-continuous laboratory scale digesters”. International Conference on Advances in Energy Research, IITB, Mumbai, India. (Presentation + paper)

Poggio, D., Walker, M., Nimmo, W., & Pourkashanian, M. (2013). “Model based evaluation of control strategies for the operation of anaerobic digesters in a microgrid with variable biogas demand”. In: 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion: Recovering (bio) Resources for the World, 25-28 June 2013 (Poster + paper)

Walker, M., C. J. Banks and S. Heaven (2008). “Development of a Coarse Membrane Bioreactor for Two Stage Anaerobic Digestion of Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste”. 5th International Symposium of Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste and Energy Crops, Hammamet, Tunisia, IWA. (Presentation + paper)

Walker, M., C. J. Banks and S. Heaven (2007). “Effects of pH Control and Methanogenic Effluent Recycle on the Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion of OFMSW”. 11th IWA World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, Brisbane, Australia. (Poster + paper)

Walker, M., D. G. Gregory-Smith and L. He (2005). “A study of large tip clearance in a row of low speed compressor blades”. 6th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid-Mechanics and Thermodynamics. Lille, France. (Presentation + paper)


2015. Ongoing. Biomethanisation of CO2 in anaerobic digestion plants. Funded by EPSRC/BBSRC/Innovate UK (£1.8M, £490k to Sheffield). Research Co-investigator.

2013. Optimising community urban micro AD networks. Funded by Waste Resources Action Program (WRAP) Feasibility study (£23k) and full scale demonstration (£170k, £11k to Leeds). Co-Investigator.

2012. Ongoing. Development and Integration of Biomass and Concentrating Photovoltaic System for Rural and Urban Energy Bridge: BioCPV. Funded by RCUK/IST. (£1.4M, £452k to Leeds). Research Fellow.

2010. System requirements for low-cost energy-efficient algal biomass cultivation for biofuel production. Funded by Carbon Trust (~£550k). Named Investigator.

2010. VALORGAS – Valorisation of food waste to biogas. Funded by the EU (~£2M). Significant contribution to successful grant application. Researcher.

2009. Measuring stability of digestates from AD of biodegradable waste and manures. Funded by the Waste Resources Action Program (WRAP) (~$70k). Principal Investigator.

2009. Optimising processes for the stable operation of food waste digestion. Funded by Defra (~£192k). Co-Investigator.

2008. Bioganix Demonstrator Project – Research, Monitoring and Evaluation. Funded by Defra (~£100k). Researcher.

2007. Integrated systems for farm diversification into energy production by anaerobic digestion: implications for rural development, land use & environment. Funded by EPSRC, ESRC and NERC (~£500k). Researcher.

2005. TRIF MBR – Anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for biodegradable waste stabilisation. Funded by Defra (~£250k). PhD student.


2014. Invited lecturer in Anaerobic digestion – ETII5004M – University of Leeds.

2011. Bioenergy (CENV6141, MSc module), University of Southampton. Conceived developed and delivered module along with guest lecturers.

2010. Invited lecturer in biogas technology at Jyvaskyla Summer School.

Food Waste
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